This is my blog, that I hope you enjoy reading, with different information about video games, roleplaying, computer/internet and much more.

Here is the content I am planning to amplify:

  • New and Good old video games, that I really like. and they kind of became part of my life. They will take a bigger role in the blog, and have even their own pages with different kind of stuff about them.
  • Reviews of what I did try: I will write different ratings about many games, that I got in touch with. Some reviews might be negative or positive, rated by my own personal likes and dislikes.
  • Books that I am reading at the moment, or that I have read

These would be games that are done with imagination, dices, books and paper: Like D&D as an example. (Dungeon and Dragons)

Sub-Category of this might be Maps, Name generators, Tales, Stories.

  • RPG Single player for Computer. A place about different roleplaying games single player that are played on the computer.
  • MMORPG: Massive Multiplayer RPG . Though not the main category, I touched it as almost every gamer. So I can add a few words here too.
  • Pictures

Fantasy pictures, that are good to make wondering the imagination;
Game pictures or screenshots, that I have edited or that have a personal meaning for me;

  • Websites and Forums about gaming that are worth checking regarding categories above.
  • News about what is going on in the world, that are worth a comment.
  • Programs that I do use or I heard about, as minor category. That are pretty useful.

Thanks for Visiting!


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