City Journal – Leduchie

12 Apr

From my own post at XLnation Forum ( Biggest Cities XL community )


Hello! A little off-topic first:

Here is my first City Journal, so please be gentle 🙂
I usually don’t post anything, so I am starting now, Unfortunately I lost many very beautiful cities especially with CXL 11 , but I am starting with Cities XL once again.

I am simply an amateur and I play mostly to enjoy creating cities, without cheats or cheaty mods.
My goal is to make efficient cities with a bit of nice look, but I am not here for competition, mostly to just simply share, and give other simple people like me opportunities to share a city journal without feeling intimidated by other people works, even if they are indeed inspirational!

I used the Omnicorp map, and it was a very big challenge with all these hills and mountains!

Anyway here are the pictures:

Leduchie – Population 82016

Main Income: Hotels, Retail and Offices

The overview of the Islands of Telharia

Overview of the bigger, but less densely populated island

Traffic map of the town

Night view of the residential area of the smaller island

And the Night view of the bigger island

Seaside of the smaller island Night view

Seaside of the bigger island Night view

Night View of the smaller island from the “Harbor and Office ” district

Daylight View of the area mentioned above from a different angle

The two seaside in Daylight!

Big Island seaside and small one

Some Block of Flats of the Bigger island nearby a harbor

Streets View!

Part 1

Part 2

I hope you enjoyed!

Thanks for watching!

Update A of CJ Leduchie


Night Overview of the city



DayLight Overview of the city!



More Pictures from low density area!




Part 2



City Hall!

Other Pictures

Part 1




Part 2





Thanks for having a look!

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