Enjoy Mass Effect 3!

08 Mar
Mass Effect 3

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Hey everyone!
Just a quick short post.

Enjoy Mass Effect 3! I Recommend it! The combat is amazing, the enemies are more interesting, the story is superb! The gameplay is amazing. Few minor issues with some quests, and well One thing that I dislike some quests got a feeling of dragon age 2.  It means that you just hear people talking that they need something and then you find it, and they thank you without a proper dialog thing. (Not everything gladly).
It is just feels the game was rushed in some things. Like the prothean dlc… ugh the prothean is completely random, and wrong… and strange … not worth 10 bucks..
the mission is just 15 minutes, and you just find it like this the prothean.
And he is completely useless.

And I don’t like the multiplayer part. Avoid , because it is just horde mode, enemy keeps coming and coming, it gets boring after a while.
Without multiplayer your efforts are cut off by 50%.

I wonder if it is still possible to get the perfect ending without it.

Sounds problematic.
I am deeply against EA marketing. Phone applications, Facebook applications, and so on. And of course I dislike Origin.

That is all:
Have FUN!


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