Real Life Update 16 Feb 2012 and Some Reviews

16 Feb

Hey Everyone.

My cat still not doing well, so far nothing much changed.
I am also not feeling well myself, slightly ill, or maybe I am just tired.

I feel I have wasted quite some time lately with little different things.
Like I already said, I have played Cities XL quite sometimes, unfortunately, now I stopped, despite my many plans to create cities journals, websites, photo editing etc. The problem? Overall Performance.

Now I am awaiting till one User (user nickname itself lol ) on XLnation(community of CXL site) makes a compatibility scan for modifications of the game that might cause a problem of conflict, if there arent’ it just means that the game code is completely broke. I had problems with cx 2011 as well. Not few . But Many. Crashes, glitches, but most of all scattering poor performance.

Though the game is amazing, it makes you cry sometimes. And yeah corrupted auto savegames are my favourite ones too.

So I am waiting, for now, to see if there is something that gives a problem from modification(more ones that CXL 2012 already has) . If not.. I probably gonna uninstall it. Shame, It is such a great game. Such great graphics, but the code is terrible.
Feels unfinished, the memory leak is insane. And patience at some point runs out.

I tried Mass Effect 3 demo by the way. And i had less cpu usage and 60% less ram than CXL … come on..

And talking about Mass effect 3 Demo, well performances and graphics are excellent!

Liked it pretty much, even the menus. However there are few minor glitches, maybe the demo was an unfinished version of the game. I hope so anyway, because mass effect 3 went Gold now.

Too short though as you can expect from demo, and well not much time even to test the combat skills.
Weapons sounds definitely different. and gameplay has changed due of the “jumps” and “roll arounds” you do while moving or staying in cover; Though sometimes is a bit annoying: you need to take care of the key commands carefully, otherwise it looks slightly stupid.

Finished after 30 minutes (approx 45 min) and well removed it. It is a shame that it requires Origin to play it.

Anyway after that, i wanted to play Skyrim; But guess what one part of the main quest is bugged. The cornered rat, when you go to meet Esbern
“During Diplomatic Immunity, you will find out about Esbern, an old friend of Delphine and only other existing member of the Blades. Delphine will tell you to go to the Ratway in Riften to find him before the Thalmor do. ”

Well first I talk to him he doesnt talk – no sound
Then I click to reply – the answers you give go too fast
Finished answering – the door wont open
I open the door with console commands-the guy moves to a chest and gets stuck.
I complete quest with console commands – and he starts to move and then stops.
I try to fast travel and wait and rest – nothing.

I gave up last night because I got already too pissed off about it, and was late.

So I tried to start Civilization 3 – Conquests, on Huge map. I don’t know what happened, but I got always unlucky starts. In this game is very important to play the first 1 3 hundreds turns, and it has to flow, if you are stagnating in this game you lose.

So I basically went mad šŸ˜€ ^_^
But never mind, I am thinking of reinstalling Dragon Age Origins, and Awakening +DLCs , It is not a bad game after all.
Dragon Age 2? I call recycled pasta. Tastes awful.
Didnt even replay it . Ah actually I did, once. Whatever you choose nothing much changes. (and I did choose the opposite )

Well that is it for today
Have a nice Day!


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