Graphic Card Issue

14 Feb

Hey Everyone.
I Wonder If I could find a computer geek that might help me to address this issue:

Here is the copy paste from what I have written on XLnation (cities XL community forum)

I will post a full story here, because my case it is something unique I guess, but not unusual.

I blamed into the mod, because so far, I felt changes only with CLM and UIM,(one is a file addition mod and the other is interface mod for cities xl)
after “installing them” The planet view started to scatter wasnt smooth, and the performance overall worse. (the start part of the game where it goes on video card usage, though it doesnt do the same if the game would be in full use, only at this point.)

Is about the video card I think. I have gtx 285 Nvidia geforce. Still kind of “fresh”

Basically some time ago, when I was playing games that were heavily on gpu, sometimes it could happen once a day or twice, the driver stops responding for a second (you see a black screen and then it pops up again “refreshed” )
I have now 273 version driver.
I updated time ago to the last one 282 version or something like that.
The last update screwed many things, I couldn’t go to the Nvidia control panel,(it was crashing) some things were strange. Though performance was even a bit better, it wasnt smooth.

I found an archive and I re downloaded the older version, and now I installed it works .

I havent seen a Driver stop responding error for quite some time(though I didn’t play much video games lately). Maybe the reinstallation of the driver worked , maybe not(once i reinstalled but didn’t had any luck). So I can’t say for sure if it got solved or not.

Anyway… do you know that some video cards make a buzzing sound? Especially last geforce gtx series from 265 and beyond. (made some research.) it is like a screech if they have a heavy usage on them. I have it with few games, not with everything. Especially when loading something.

Well the fact is that I think it was the video card, was that when it was loading the planet view, it wasnt making the buzzing sound (small but should be still noticeable) and the performance was bad.

I reboot the computer restart the game, Everything goes fine it does the buzzing sound at the beginning, when i go to the planet view, and then after loading it stops, as it should be.

I have a strong suspect, that the driver doesn’t stop completely responding, but only partly. It means I don’t see a difference unless I have an application with a strong usage need of the video card .
I am not completely sure though.

It can’t be motherboard or gpu fried neither cpu, for different reasons. Plus all the temperatures are fine. (i keep cleaning on a regular basis from dust).

I wonder what the solution might be , except rebooting the computer if it would happen.
I don’t want to re download a new broken Nvidia version of the driver, not yet anyway , I prefer to wait for a more secure version. (tips are appreciated).

So if you have any suggestions or questions just ask, I am curious what it can be , and what can be done.

I am gonna try playing other video games, that go a lot on video card to see if something changed.
It would be a pain, if I have to buy a new one.

Take care

Computer geeks are welcome here

Have a look into it if you can, reply either on XLnation either in a comment. For questions and suggestions.

Thanks a lot

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