Real Life update: 13 Feb 2012

13 Feb

Hey Everyone.

I didn’t post for a while, I was quite some busy with some things in Real Life.
Some paperwork stuff , usual life stuff and plus one my cat broke a finger of the right anterior paw. So I have to keep a look at her constantly. (female one) Been to the veterinarian, and he just said that she needs time to heal it. (with a nice “fee for the consult and one small x-ray”). So I hope she will be ok.

I am playing, figurally speaking Cities XL 2012 lately. More than playing I am actually looking for modifications of the original games. More usually just lurking on the forums.

I am active under the name Admetes on XLnation forum. I will post more about it in a different post. (cities xl community page).

P.S. I am as well thinking to create a site on weebly about Cities XL. Where I can post mods I use, and my city journals, where you can show what you have built. And perhaps do some editing on the pictures from the game 🙂

Sometimes I do some translation for the modders of the community, from Italian-English and viceversa. I decided it might be good to support them. When I have time of course 😉

I dont play Skyrim lately, It takes you in too much sometimes, and I have enough of violence. Better build than destroy.

And I am focusing my attention on the upcoming Mass effect 3! (and here I am gonna post soon the most important last news, that are really interesting. Because usually there are just copy paste of old stuff, or not worth of sharing)

I saw as well that there is a game from CTRL ALT DEL comic:  Kingdoms of Amalur
It might be interesting but I will have a look into it first.

and well I do sometimes play to relax  Civilization 3 conquest.

Good Day everyone!

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