Mass Effect 3 Latest News:

03 Feb

Hey everyone!

Some more updates about the video game Mass Effect 3.

There are plenty of news in a row lately. Mostly re-used, republished.
Here are the most important so far

Voice cast revealed!
Link to the full article:


Another one regarding DLC figurines of Mass Effect


Mass Effect 3 figurine DLC reports were ‘inaccurate’

Last week’s reports of Mass Effect 3 DLC being included with pricey figurines were “inaccurate”, BioWare has told GamerZines.

It was reported last week that US retailer BigBadToyStore would be carrying figurines of Mass Effect 3’s characters that included downloadable in-game bonus items exclusive to the North American release, something BioWare refutes.

“That was inaccurate information,” said the game’s Associate Producer Mike Gamble talking to us last week.

“We are planning DLCs for sure, but what they’re going to be bundled with, or whether they’re going to be bundled with anything hasn’t been defined and hasn’t been communicated yet.”

Ordered those figurines purely for the DLC? Maybe it’s time to cancel…

Gamble added BioWare had “no plans yet in terms of exactly what we want to do” with Mass Effect 3’s DLC, other than “create engaging story-based DLC just like ME2 and do it well.”



Mass Effect 3 [Preview] – The first 90 minutes

Have a look at the article:—the-first-90-minutes






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