Mass Effect 3 news updates

30 Jan

Hello Everyone! Some updates:

The Art of Mass Effect Universe and DLC

In addition to the new character figurines, The Art of Mass Effect Universe book will also offer DLC for the upcoming Mass Effect 3. Barnes & Noble has revealed that you will receive a voucher code to download “extra game content,” including a “collector’s rifle”.


article :



Leak regarding Edi as companion and a new companion: A prothean

Well, I think we can universally decree Mass Effect 3 the worst kept secret in video games ever. It’s had a horrible string of bad luck. First, a demo that wasn’t supposed to be seen by everyone appears on Xbox Live and is there long enough for people to completely play through it. Then, people managed to get a rough draft of the script from that leaked demo. That script gets posted practically everywhere online and even EA and BioWare’s cease and desist order isn’t enough to keep people who want to be spoiled from seeing it. Now, there’s another leak. It just so happens that The Art of the Mass Effect Universe artbook, which wasn’t due out until February 21, 2012, has landed in some fans’ hands and sensitive images have been scanned and uploaded online.


Another link to a forum:


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  1. Admetes

    January 30, 2012 at 5:15 PM

    And here it is: the sexualisation of everything in video games.


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