Review: Warhammer Book: Empire in Chaos

28 Jan

Hello everyone!

I have finished the book some days ago, and took some time to make it sink in,so I could write something about it.

Well overall is not bad. You can read it.

The descriptions are good, far too good I would even say, too much detail. Repetitive details, especially when it comes about fighting, it feels a splatter, everything cracking, splashing and etc.

After hearing this for like hundred times you get.. annoyed. Just say that you killed him by example stabbing him in the chest. There is no need to describe everything.
and every blood flowing everywhere.

It wasnt too bad , but it felt exaggerated.

About the Lore:
Well of course by using a Warhammer lore you go in not many mistakes, overall good, and interesting.
The Story:
was looking far more complex at the beginning , then it gone to a stuck point in between, and then a last , non conclusive end.
Feels like having read half of a book.

It expands few characters, few stories related to them, make it interesting, and then makes nothing special out of them.

The way he describes some characters as well, doesn’t make much sense , especially the behaviour of the elf.

So here are my votes that come into my mind to describe an evaluation of 10.

Story: 6
Descriptions: 6
Complexity of characters: 5

Overall mark I would say 6.
But could have been better.

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