Update about Earthquake

25 Jan

A quick Update, as I felt several others earthquakes:

It seems there are still different other earthquakes going on. This morning at 8.10 UTC there was another strong one 4.9 richter. Made windows and doors with lamps shake a bit.
In total I think there were about 6 this morning (more than 2.1 richter less than 2.8 Richter) / last night that I have felt. (and I was sleeping too, waking up time to time, because my bed was shaking)
This time the earthquake epicentre wasnt nearby like last times and more deep, though It was still pretty intense.

The strong earthquake of yesterday was 4.5 of Richter , but I felt much more because the epicentre was just about 10 km.
The last one I think was about 80 100 km distant so I didn’t feel it as bad as the yesterday’s one.

Take care.
and have a great day.

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