Mass Effect 3 Some News

25 Jan

Some news about mass effect:

About Origin:

This information I already have known, but I decided to post it. Is it right in order of marketing, let companies to spy on people? I don’t know, I don’t think this is the right way. There were several Discussion over Bioware forums, people asking why Origin, they all have received vague answers or no answer at all. Sometimes even ridicolazing people. 400 posts (at the time so far) on the Bioware Forums: I can’t call it stupidity. People ask things for a good reason. And when they have been showed the proof of their action they just ignore them.
Well done Bioware and EA!
The Brand doesn’t always sell, because at some point people will stop bothering about quantity, because what matters in this world is only quality.
Not like a game creating machine to keep they luxury pockets up.

BioWare has confirmed that Electronic Arts’ PC platform EA Origin will be a mandatory requirement for boxed and digital versions of Mass Effect 3 on PC.

In a post on the official BioWare forums, community coordinator Chris Priestly also confirms that Mass Effect 3 will not be available from Steam at launch.




About Mass Effect figures:

This is another thing that is very concerning, This is what I call Milking people.
To Milk people for every cent they have. And then they are against piracy, well I am against speculation first of all, and manipulations of the market!

New Mass Effect figures to include Mass Effect 3 DLC

The Big Bad Toy Store has revealed that the upcoming Mass Effect figure series will include DLC for the multiplatform title, Mass Effect 3. Each figure comes packed in with a voucher code that will unlock downloadable in-game bonus content for the character (which may be for the multiplayer mode)




Another good Information on a site about Figures and DLC:

Before you get too excited, simply put, it ain’t cheap. There are currently 2 different 4 packs of Mass Effect 3 figures so in order to get all the available DLC (assuming that there are two different bonus DLC in each pack) you will need to purchase both. Once you ring up your cart you’re in for a bit of sticker-shock, roughly $134 worth of it. Loyal fans of the ME series will probably purchase this regardless of the price due to the possible collector’s value in the future. Now if you’re someone who simply wants the DLC rather than the figurines, it’s up to you to justify this $100+ DLC purchase once more details are revealed.




Another article, again about attracting more new people instead of keeping the old ones:

So now every time you go around and see new people who talk about some stuff from  Me 1 or Me 2
it seems you have short memory, and will have an option “uh I can’t remember”:

I really hope that Mass Effect wont get ruined by all this Marketing actions.

I really do.

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