Earthquake in my area!

25 Jan

Hey everyone..
I just felt some minutes ago an earthquake nearby. Not too weak, but not too strong either.
Actually some other small quakes are passing through in the time I am writing, but they are almost unnoticeable.

had a look on a website.. 4 quakes more than 2 magnitude (otherwise it is not even on the website) of which one of them was pretty strong. The epicentre was just nearby about 5 10 km I think. and not so deep (between 8 and 10 km) .

I was doing some stuff at computer.. and then I was like.between myself… ” hmm do I hear something?” (I had headphones) and kept checking for strange noises. (plus there was a very strong cold wind outside so I couldn’t know for sure what was going on).

Then at some point WHAM! and a shock arrived from my left side of the part of the house that was nearby external wall. The terrain itself was shaking and it felt like moving all together, some little stuff fell but nothing serious. I felt quite some earthquakes already but this was pretty long and intense. It was moving left right (horizontally) not up and down . Long about 6 10 seconds.. (pretty long for an earthquake) .

Had to hurry up switching computer off, one of my first thoughts that might be a blackout, and cut off power for computers are not so good .

Anyway now everything seems normalized, just strong wind blowing outside.

Wish you Great night /day.

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