Empire in Chaos – Warhammer Fantasy

22 Jan


In the small library of the town I am living nearby, usually without success, I don’t find much to read.
I stumbled however in this book and I am taking a look at it.

Didn’t finish it yet but here some information about it:

When Annaliese Jaeger’s village is overrun and destroyed, she and an injured elf captive are the only survivors. As the two unlikely companions fight their way towards Blackfire Pass, Annaliese discovers within herself powers of courage and faith that inspire all around her. But when the Pass is attacked by the hordes of Chaos, Annaliese and her companions must fight alongside the Imperial army or the Empire will be doomed.


I was always a fan of Warhammer Fantasy Universe. I heard about it since I have seen the miniature about the game at first, in a shop in a city I was living, and after the MMO Warhammer Online Age of Reckoning was out.
I liked the Game, the ambient, the lore, the races, even the gameplay. BUT!
Though a MMO with great potential, it resulted in a failure. Developers didn’t listen to people. Loads of glitches, bugs , unbalanced game, and mainly without End-game goal. People just got bored and playing for a beta every month sounded like a scam for many and they stopped playing it. The result is that now the game if I am correct has only 1 server for Usa and 1 Server for Europe.
This what happens when you promise many things and don’t keep up even one.

Anyway back to reading, gonna make a quick review once I finish it.

Take care

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