New Blog as Diary of Gaming and Beyond

21 Jan

Greetings to Everyone that might follow my blog in the future.

I never actually had thought about making a blog myself.
I didn’t want to bother, but I always liked the idea of a Diary of some kind to keep track of.

I was always one of people who usually just lurk around the forums to search of more information about anything,  but doesn’t like to register and write on the forums. Though It is impossible online to find one forum that let you download any content without registration. How many sites I got registered into: thousands till i started using internet??? Perhaps some of them are offline now, because they don’t exist anymore.

Anyway lately I changed my idea and I decided to give it a try. I wanted to make a website too, and lately I have found an inspiration for it.  Gonna link it once it is finished to the blog.

So here I am with few ideas of what it can be about:

I always keep checking ,changing and trying out new video-games, and I stick with the ones that I believe are worthy of my time.
I even play oldies time by time. The games that are forever nice.
Unfortunately the Gaming industry these days is becoming well more profit, more quantity than quality wise. I will have plenty of time to discuss that matter later.

There will be different information about what I am doing at the moment. I always keep myself busy in one way or another I find something to do.

  • Video-games, good hints for Gamers, and so on ;
  • Books, that I have read and not;
  • Roleplay, Maps creations for roleplay;
  • Photo editing;
  • Websites that might be worth taking a look, Forums to be checked;
  • Interesting News;
  • About Different programs, like the one good to maintain computer etc..

I don’t know everything about computers, game, culture, or anything that matters, but I just know a bit of this and a bit of that. And I am glad to share it.

I am sorry If my English might not sound perfect, It is my third language after all.

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